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Best Long Life Ready Meals for Camping and Caravanning

Best Long Life Ready Meals for Camping and Caravanning

We know that campsite and caravan cooking can be limited in terms of utensils, which makes long life ready meals the perfect option to pack for your trip away. Simple but delicious they’ll keep everyone happy!

Summer Camping Food and Snacks

With camping and caravanning season creeping up on us we thought we’d take the chance to showcase some of our best ready to eat meals for camping and caravanning! Wherever you’re planning to escape to, it’s important to have all your caravan or camping food planned and prepared so you can spend more time with friends and family absorbing in the fresh air and beautiful scenery. 

Unlike the unpredictable British weather, you can rely on our tasty long life ready to eat meals to fuel you through your trip away.

What are the best long life ready meals for camping or caravanning?

When camping or caravanning it’s important to stock up on all your camping meals to ensure you have everything you need to power you through your trip away. Long life ready meals are a great option when it comes to deciding what food to pack, nutritious and delicious, whilst only taking a few minutes to prepare… yes please! 

Our Best Ready Meals and Snacks Brands For Camping

As far as long life ready meals go we definitely have some of the best to offer (if we do say so ourselves). From meals to take with you on the go, to warm and wholesome instant meals to quickly rustle up on your return to your camping tents or caravan at the end of the day, there’s options for everyone.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite brands with the best camping food. We hope this list could give you an inspiration of what makes a convenient camping food list for your next camping holidays.

Look What We Found

Look What We Found Chicken Tikka

Our all time best seller for camping food and long life meals - Look What We Found! These delicious instant meals are a must-have to your camping food list. No need for refrigeration and can boil quickly in the bag in your camping tents or caravans.

Look What We Found long life meals are packed with flavours, low calorie, gluten free & 100% natural.

Choose from different dishes such as Chicken TikkaChilli Con CarneBeef Bolognese and more!



These nutritionally complete and ready to drink meals are perfect for any camping or caravanning trip. Huel ready to drink meals provide all 27 essential vitamins and minerals, proteins, essential fats, carbs and more - making them the perfect to grab and go!

Choose from popular flavours including chocolate, vanillabanana and berry.


Wat Kitchen

Wat Kitchen Instant Chicken Noodles

Wat Kitchen has a variety of long life ready meals in mouth wateringly good flavours including Noodles in Teriyaki Sauce and Rice with Chicken in Sweet & Sour Sauce. Packed full of flavour, low in fat and are less than 300 calories they make the perfect long life ready to eat meals for camping.

These delicious instant noodles are super convenient, totally spectacular and definitely one of the best ready meals for camping.


Stoats Porridge

Stoats Porridge Golden Syrup

Start your day the right way with Stoats porridge! Porridge oat bars and instant porridge pots available in irresistible flavours such as golden syrupblueberry and honeyapple and cinnamon what's not to like! Just add boiling water and wait for 3 minutes for your perfect porridge!

Pair your Stoats porridge with a hot cup of tea or coffee and you’re ready to seize the day.


Mr Lee

Mr Lee's Noodles - Coconut Chicken Laksa

It goes without saying that instant noodles are a long standing camping favourite, and these super tasty ones have to be some of the best. Mr Lee’s instant noodles are the perfect comfort meal after a long day exploring the wilderness. Wholesome and delicious, these available in Coconut Chicken LaskaTai Chi Chicken and other flavourful options there’s something for everyone.


Performance Meals

Performance Meals Katsu Style Chicken Curry

These high protein and low fat diet meals are great for those wanting to stay on track during their camping trip. With meals including All Day Breakfast and Katsu Style Chicken you’ll be able to enjoy healthy and nutritious meals without having to spend long preparing them.

Warm up in only 2 ½ minutes! 

Why not browse through our wide range of healthy snacking options? You might find a few extra nibbles to pack for your camping trip or just when you feel like snacking.

Here’s a few suggestions:

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