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About Us

Discovery Snack Box

Snackfully is more than just a name.

It’s a state of satisfaction.

A snack philosophy.

 It’s your snack prayers answered. Your snappetite satisfied.
That feeling of gratitude when those snacks are delivered.

It’s the feeling when a house or office is well stocked, and sorted for snacks.

It’s the snackaffluence of e-shopping in the best market for gourmet snacks.

You think, shop and live life more Snackfully.

And if you’re not Snackfully?

You’re snackshort. snacksad. You’re snacking on empty.

And whether you’re a busy homemaker,
a hustle hot entrepreneur, or a selective snackisseur...

if you’re not shopping Snackfully, are you really snacking at all?

We’re an online market that curates only the finest snacks.

No mass-produced monosnacking to be seen here.
We stock, think and eat Snackfully.
That means the newest blends, trends and flavours.

The best brands, most novel nutrition, and dynamite deals.

Thankfully, we’re Snackfully.
Snackfully Snack Box

Our Snackmasters

Snackfully lovingly supports the Snackpreneurs & The Little Brands with big plans.
The solo snackmasters & go getters gleefully challenging the Big-Name brands.

The brands which are snack serious and seek to offer flavours with a twist & the superfood rare craft producer that will fuel your adventurous plans.

Thankfully we’re Snackfully….

And we believe that nobody should be snacksad.

That’s why all of our carefully selected suppliers spread snack happiness with:

Flavours that twang your taste buds
New & innovative creations that delight
Packaging to brighten up your day
Mindfully sourced ingredients
Sustainable company ethics 

To find out more about the brands we work with & their founders stories please check out our Snackmasters Community Pages