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The Best Office Snacks & Drinks

With busy schedules, it can often be very difficult to ensure that your employee’s brainpower is fueled throughout the working day.

Snacking in the workplace is key to keeping energy levels up and when provided by an employer is viewed as a valuable incentive to many employees, allowing them to feel more appreciated. This is also an exceptional benefit to your organisation, with a proven increase in productivity levels.

At Snackfully, we understand that company-provided staff hospitality can be a complete minefield to navigate.

Free healthy office snacks and drinks improve health and wellbeing, increase staff bonding and position your workplace as a respected employer.

But, a route of unhealthy products can lead to a decrease in employee attention span, an increase in medical costs, and slow down the workload.

That’s why we’re grateful for the challenger brands who aren’t afraid to go against the status quo and reinvent even the most indulgent office snacks and drinks with:

Better for You - Ingredients
Better for You – Nutritionals
Better for The World – Packaging
Better for The World – Ethics

Our Top Pick- The Office Snack Box

Our most popular box is The Office Snack Box, featuring a range of sweet and savoury snacks from UK start-up brands. This box come with 50 or 100 snacks and includes a range of products suitable for all dietary requirements, so everyone in the office is happy!

Also available including Meat Snacks, No Nuts or all Vegan.

You can also upgrade with the Premium Office Snack Box filled to the brim with indulgent snacks including Barebells Protein Bars, meat snacks, Traybakes and many more luxurious items…

Build Your Own Office Subscription

-Never run out of office snacks and drinks again.
-Subscribe to our most popular office snack boxes and drinks selections at an interval of your choice from 7 - 90 days.
-Subscribe & Save up to 5%... combine as many boxes/bundles as you like in 1 order.

Office Brand Favourites…

DASH WaterThe freshly sprung sparkling water healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks. Which flavour would be your office favourite?

Tony’s Chocolonely- On a mission to make chocolate 100% slave free… Will you join them? We know their Willy Wonka style packaging and unique blends will also prove an office hit.

Proper- The UK’s most loved healthy popcorn and lentil chips brand. All under 136 kcal, vegan and made using natural seasonings.

TENZINGAn all-natural energy drink developed by a former Red Bull marketing executive as a healthier alternative to the synthetic energy drink king.

Brave- A range of vegan friendly roasted pea snacks which offer more protein & fewer calories than cashews and less fat than popcorn.

VitHit- Each bottle of VITHIT has less than 6 grams of sugar and fewer than 35 calories! With no artificial colours or preservatives, VITHIT is a great source for your employee’s daily vitamins!

BarebellsWow your workplace’s tastebuds with protein bars in flavours like Cookies and Cream, Salty Peanut and White Chocolate Almond. Or try Barebells High Protein Milkshakes. 

The rise of Workplace Wellness & Healthy Office Snacks as a must-have perk...

While taking your lunch to the office was once an offence worthy of derision at the very least, today’s workers are a money-savvy bunch who understand that there are big savings to be enjoyed, with estimates putting £2,500 back into our bank accounts by not eating in the local deli.

Combine this with a growing culture aimed at encouraging and promoting healthier lifestyle choices. Wellness in the workplace is quickly working its way from a rumour to a required norm for prospective employees.

In some organisations, healthy snacking is positioned as a major employee perk of the well-funded Workplace Wellness Scheme. However, the trend on average is largely disappointing.

That's where we can step in and help you...

-Delivering the most in-demand healthier snacks and drinks
-Direct to your office door
-Saving you time and money