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Office Snack Boxes

Office Snack Boxes

Introduce a healthy perk to your workplace with Office Snack and Drinks Boxes from Snackfully.

Our Standard Office Snack Box

Improve staff morale and productivity by offering healthier sweet and savoury snacks in your workplace, with our Office Snack Box.

Choose from 50 or 100 snacks mixed with options the whole workplace will love whatever their dietary requirements or lifestyle. There’s also options available for your box to include meat snacks, no nuts or go all vegan.

Prices start from:
50 Snacks = £39.57 ex VAT (£0.79 per snack)
100 Snacks = £75.20 ex VAT (£0.75 per snack)
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Our Most Premium Office Snack Box

Treat your team with the Premium Office Snack Box filled to the brim with indulgent snacks. Upgrade your regular office snack box for delicious delights including Barebells Protein Bars, meat snacks, Traybakes and many more luxurious items…

All of our snacks are individually wrapped and shipped in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging direct to your office door, saving you time and money.

All you need to do is choose how many snacks you have delivered!

Prices start from:
50 Snacks = £63.32 ex VAT (£1.26 per snack)
100 Snacks = £118.75 ex VAT (£1.18 per snack)
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Our Office Mixed Drinks Box

We created this mixed drinks box to help you keep your team hydrated & energised.

You will receive 12 x 4 different drinks = 48 Thirst quenching moments for your team.

Plus to make things even easier for you.....we have added this box to our subscription range.

*Image shown may not be representative of drinks inside the box as it changes on a monthly basis

Prices start from:
48 Drinks = £49.99 ex VAT (£1.04 per drink)
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The Office Mixed Crisps & Popcorn Box

We're putting the chips on the table!

Our Office Mixed Crisps Box is filled with the best selection of crunchy, savoury treats your team could ever dream of....

This box contains Popcorn, Lentil Chips, Potato Crisps & Hummus Chips in a variety of flavours.

We've also made sure to include Gluten Free & Vegan options.

Prices start from:
30 Crisps/Popcorn = £23.75 ex VAT (£0.79 per snack)
60 Crisps/Popcorn = £41.95 ex VAT (£0.69 per snack)
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I'm so happy that I stumbled upon Snackfully when searching for a new provider for office snacks. Snackfully are stocking the best B Corp and sustainability-focused brands at great prices; plus, they are the perfect bulk size - not too big or too small in quantity. I can't wait to rack up more points to spend on new and different snacks for my colleagues! :)