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Low Calorie Drinks Sober October

Alcohol Free Drinks To Try This Sober October

If you're doing sober October then these no alcohol, low-calorie drinks will come in handy when you fancy a tipple!

With all the fizz and refreshing flavour, these are Snackfully's favourite alternatives:

Nix & Kix

Nix & Kix are natural, low calorie, sugar free vegan adult soft drinks with a Cayenne kick. Available in Orange & Tumeric, Mango & Ginger, Cucumber & Mint, Raspberry & Rhubarb or Watermelon & Hibiscus

Nix & Kix Mango & Ginger

Dalston's Craft Sodas

Dalston’s are made with real fruit to provide the hit of flavour, a healthier alternative to usual fizzy drinks and a delicious taste without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners, naturally. Available in Cherry, Rhubarb, Lemon, Elderflower and Ginger Beer

Dalstons Cherry Soda

 Cawston Press

Cawston Press is made with fresh fruit, includes no added sugar, sweeteners, concentrates or shortcuts and is available in Cloudy Apple, Elderflower & Lemon, Ginger Beer, Sparkling Orange and Rhubarb.

Cawston Press Low Calorie Drinks

 LoBros- Organic Kombucha

LoBros is a living drinks brand with a unique range of soft drinks available in Raspberry & Lemon, Passionfruit and Ginger & Lemon flavours. They’re organic, vegan, made using natural ingredients and carefully crafted in the UK to ensure there are millions of living cultures in every single bottle.

LoBros Kombucha Passionfruit Flavour

Soda Folk Craft Soda

Soda Folk Craft Sodas are gluten free, vegan friendly, with no added sugar and 100% natural ingredients. Each purchase raises funds for the Good Folk Trust to help others do Good Deeds. Available in Blueberry Muffin, Cream Soda and Root Beer.

Soda Folk Soda

For our full range of Drinks, Click Here.

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