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8 Sustainable Snack & Drink Brands That Taste Good Whilst Doing Good!

8 Sustainable Snack & Drink Brands That Taste Good Whilst Doing Good!

One of the main reasons, we love working, with the smaller snack & drink challenger brands; is that many of them have sustainability at the core of everything they do and make.

Because, let’s face it….

Traditionally, snacking on the go hasn’t been the most sustainable of things to do!

Be it for the planet, with the litter created and number of plastic bottles being discarded without a care for the World.

For your health, due to the unhealthy ingredients used.

For the unethical practices, such as unfair labour and depletion of natural resources.

But, the good news is the movement for sustainable snacks & drinks in the UK is definitely on the rise. Meaning, it’s now far easier to satisfy your sweet tooth, thirst or savoury craving whilst supporting the brands that are making a difference.

8 Sustainable Snack & Drink Brands You Need To Try

1. DASH Water

Dash water

DASH infuse their super tasty waters with real, wonky fruit. That’s bent, crushed, curved, knobbly, misshapen fruit which others say no to. By accepting the misfits they are helping to reduce food waste.

Certified B-Corp as they always intend to use their business as a force for good!

2. Flower & White

Flower & White

Everybody deserves to be treated and at Flower & White they’re on a mission to make sweet treats that you really can feel good about. Their philosophy is to be light, under 100 calories, perfectly sized for sweet satisfaction and with the long-term aim of reducing sugar in our diets.

They pride themselves in using better, naturally grown ingredients. No additives, no E-numbers, just all-natural deliciousness. And if you happen to be gluten-free, they’re that too!

Flower & White hope you’d agree that we all need to tread more lightly on the planet. There is always a better way and this is embedded within everything they do. Like fairly-paid farmers, palm oil free products, 100% recyclable paper packaging & heading for a plastic free life. Every decision Flower & White make they want to look back on with pride.

3. Tony’s Chocoloney

Tony's Chocoloney

Right now there is modern slavery on cocoa farms in West Africa. This is a result of the unequally divided cocoa chain. Tony’s Chocoloney exists to change that.

Their vision is 100% slave-free chocolate. Not just their chocolate, but, all chocolate worldwide.

With incredibly tasty chocolate they lead by example and show the world that chocolate can be made differently. In Taste, packaging and the way they do business with cocoa farmers.

Certified B-Corp as they always intend to use their business as a force for good!

4. Karma Drinks

Karma Drinks

At Karma Drinks, they believe that something as frivolous as a fizzy drink can be a force for good. Karma believe that what you drink should not only taste good, but be good to the planet, good for the people who grow their ingredients and good for you.

To hold them accountable to their mission to be the world's most ethical soft drink, they established The Karma Foundation. 1% of revenue from every Karma Drink goes to their Cola nut growers and their communities in Sierra Leone. The Foundation guarantees the funds raised help drive economic and social independence, which is how they live up to their name on the label. Call it Karma.

5. EMILY Snacks


EMILY is a snacking brand like no other. Since EMILY was created by founder and business woman Emily back in 2014, they have been champions of positive empowerment and bold discovery.

They take colourful combinations of real veg or fruit and transform them into unique, deliciously crunchy snacks with vibrant natural flavours. Bye bye beige, bland & boring. Hello bold.

When you crunch on EMILY snacks you’re helping us do good things for people and the planet...

EMILY believe in using business as a force of good. That’s why they’re proud to be B Corporation certified.

EMILY put their money where their mouth is as members of 1% For The Planet. This means 1% of their revenue goes to good causes such as to their charity partnership with Women’s Earth Alliance. WEA build global women-led grassroot initiatives that have reached over 6 million people with environmental, climate and economic solutions.

Emily measure and offset 100% of their carbon emissions by funding wind farms around the world.

6. Boundless


Picture this: it’s a Sunday evening, your meals are prepped for the week in colour coded Tupperware, you’ve set your alarm for a 5am ultramarathon and you’re sat sewing Monday’s outfit from 100% recycled materials.

Sound like you?

Us neither. Chances are, on Monday morning we’ll be hitting snooze several times, and the only meal prep we’ll be doing is grabbing a snack on the way out the door.

At Boundless, they’re not about being perfect, because that’s not real life. That’s why they make real snacks with real ingredients - snacks that taste good and do good. You hit that snooze button, and let Boundless do the hard part for you.

By supporting Boundless, you’re also supporting communities across India & Nepal, providing sustainable solutions for a better quality of life through Boundless’ work with FRANK.

Bristol-based (like Boundless), FRANK works to improve safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in India and Nepal, and since being founded in 2005 has funded safe drinking water and sanitation for nearly 400,000 people in 549 communities. FRANK work hard to support those ‘left behind’ by progress and development - communities which may be remote & hard to reach, or particularly vulnerable groups who don’t understand their rights.

7. H!P Oat Milk Chocolate

Hip Oat Milk Chocolate

James Cadbury was Inspired by his great-great-great Grandfather, John Cadbury, to launch H!P in early 2021, with the aim of reinventing chocolate by replacing dairy with plant-based creamy oat milk.

In the 19th century the Cadbury family revolutionised confectionery by making one of the first milk chocolate bars. Nearly 200 years later H!P is disrupting the chocolate market by replacing the use of animal products in chocolate with plant-based milk.

H!P chocolate was born out of a desire to eat good quality, creamy vegan chocolate. Hence, at H!P they use the best quality single-origin Colombian cacao and combine this with creamy gluten-free oat milk.

Why Oat Milk?

H!p wanted to create something that offers a creamy texture that other alternative milk choices simply can't provide.

Oat milk outperforms other plant milks on sustainability, healthiness and importantly taste too.

Oat Milk contains no added sugars, whilst high in fibre, protein and vitamins like zinc, vitamin D, and magnesium.

It is allergen-free, soy-free, and gluten-free, therefore appealing to a broader range of consumers while being one of the most sustainable choices.

Slavery-Free Chocolate

At H!P they care as much about providing ethically-sourced chocolate as they do ensuring it is a delight for the taste buds!

With this in mind, they source the cocoa that goes into making their delicious bars from a family-owned business in Bogota, Colombia who have grown cocoa for over 100 years. They harvest their own beans and work alongside other cocoa farmers to create long-term, sustainable relationships.

This transparent approach from farm to bar guarantees that every link in the supply chain gains value.



Most energy drinks are full of synthetic caffeine, artificial mood boosters and loads of sugar. TENZING thought there must be a better way to achieve the same thing with plants.

Turns out they weren’t the only ones. The Sherpa people have been drinking a natural energy brew for years. And theirs wasn’t made with ingredients you can’t spell. It’s a clever mix of natural caffeine, electrolytes and anti-oxidants.

Inspired by their brew, TENZING was born – named in honour of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. As one of the first two men to scale the world’s highest mountain, he was famed for his burning ambition, drive for adventure and eternal smile. Today he’s TENZING’s guide and inspiration, and they’re proud to have their drink carry his name. Today TENZING is even available in most shops all the way up to Basecamp.

Mother Nature blessed us with all of the powerful ingredients needed to make Tenzing. That’s why they believe it’s important for them as a company to give back and do all that they can to help our planet in return. From reducing their climate footprint and becoming Carbon Negative, to fighting litter on the Everest Basecamp Trail, protecting our natural playground is at the core of everything they do as a business.

Certified B-Corp as they always intend to use their business as a force for good!

Looking for snacks & drinks that not only taste good, but, do good as well?

Then you've come to the right place! All of the snack & drinks in our Sustainable Collection are made by B-Corp producers, use sustainable packaging or as a brand are highly ethical and support awesome causes and are very mindful of their footprint on the planet.

Meaning you can enjoy that moment when the snack drawer or drinks fridge is opened.... safe in the knowledge that every bite or sip will taste good, whilst doing good.

Take a peak now and have Sustainable Snacks & Drinks delivered to your door.

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