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What Are The Best Healthy Snacks For The Home?

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    Working from home?

    With the new structure of working from home and hybrid working, thousands of you have revealed on social media that you are now snacking more than ever and grazing constantly through the day.

    To ensure that you are snacking with better-for-you healthier options, take a look at our Low Calorie Pick & Mix and Healthier Low-Calorie Snack Box. Delivered straight to your door to save you time!

    Tips To Keep You Snacking Healthy!

    • To help fight hunger between meals, it is recommended to snack on options that deliver a healthy dose of protein and nutrients.
    • Snacks with less than 200 calories per serving are considered good choices.
    • If you want to feel full & help reduce your appetite until the next meal seek out snacks with high fibre content.
    • To satisfy your sweet tooth, snacks with about 10g of sugar or less are perfect, without having to worry about a sugar-filled crash. An apple might contain 11g of total sugar, depending on the size of fruit selected, the variety & stage of ripeness.
    • Always read the back of pack nutrition labels and learn your required macros.
    • It is best to snack about one or two hours before your next meal to decrease hunger and avoid overeating during meal times.
    • Plan your snacks & meals in advance so you know what you're eating and when, this will help you stay on top of your fridge raids and reduce the urge of searching for food when hungry, which inevitably ends with your body demanding high sugar and high-fat foods.

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