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Protein Bars

Our collection of high protein bars includes best sellers such as Barebells, Grenade and Trek. Plus we have options for almost every high protein diet, from vegan protein bars with Yummo's to low sugar options.

Protein Shakes

Get your protein fix with ready-to-drink protein shakes, easy to grab on the go, perfect for busy lifestyles.

We also have a range of protein powders from Innermost including Lean, Health and Strong ranges depending on your fitness goals.

Protein Snacks

From protein bars and flapjacks to beef jerky and pork puffs, we have sweet and savoury high protein snack options to help you hit your goals.


Level up your workout game with our Pre-Workout Snacks and Drinks collection! When it comes to maximising your workout - you need to fuel your body with the right meal, snacks and Pre-Workout drinks. From tasty protein treats, to long lasting energy, we have you covered.

Browse our range of BCAA, energy drinks and vitamin waters to provide you a burst of energy to last from your first rep - until your last. If you’re looking for a light snack to sustain you through the workout until your post-workout meal we have you covered.


Refuel after a tough workout and start making gains with our Post Workout Snacks, Shakes and Drinks. We offer a wide range of post-workout supplements, food and drink to help you re-energise, recover…and feel like you’re cheating on your diet while you’re at it!

Browse our range of protein bars, high protein snacks, flapjacks and more. Grab a ready-to-drink post workout protein shake to throw in your gym bag with you.

Our Favourite Brands

Barebells: Barebells bars give you a delicious hit of protein with the guilt free taste of a chocolate bar. Unsure which Barebells products to try first? Then let us help with our Barebells Taster Bundles...

Hunter & Gather: Boost your health and vitality with Hunter & Gather’s Marine Collagen, Bovine Collagen and dairy free collagen creamer. Hunter & Gather products use 100% recyclable resealable pouches and the highest quality ingredients.

Our Top Picks

The Gym Lovers High Protein Savoury Snack Bundle: Our high protein savoury snack bundle is the dream match for gym lovers. This box contains 12 delicious high protein snacks from popular brands such as Total XP and The Curators.

The Gym Lovers High Protein Sweet Snack Bundle: Satisfy your sweet tooth and reach your fitness goals with our high protein sweet snack bundle. This box contains 12 delicious high protein snacks from popular brands such as Grenade, Warrior Crunch and Barebells.

The Ultimate Workout Snacks & Drinks Bundle: Prepare your pre and post-workout routine for the ENTIRE MONTH with Team Snackfully's Ultimate Workout Snacks & Drinks Bundle. Sort out your pre-workout energy boost with NOCCO & Cellucor C4 and your post-workout protein fix with Barebells & Grenade Protein Bars.


What are the benefits of a high-protein diet?

A high-protein diet serves as a cornerstone for overall health and vitality.Protein is essential for helping to repair muscle after exercise and aids in muscle and strength growth. Protein can also help with weight loss and weight management, as a high protein diet can help with sustaining energy levels throughout the day and you feel fuller for longer. This can reduce snacking and over-eating.

How much protein should I eat a day?

For those immersed in an active lifestyle, the recommended daily protein intake generally falls within the range of 1.6 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Bodybuilders and strength athletes may need a higher amount of protein, than casual gym goers looking to increase their general fitness.

This guideline acts as a compass, ensuring that your body receives the essential nutrients needed to support the demands of physical activity and overall well-being. We would always recommend seeing a doctor or nutritionist to get an in-depth understanding of exactly how much you should be eating, for your lifestyle.

Are protein bars a healthy snack? 

Yes - protein bars can be a healthy snack as part of a balanced diet, Particularly for those navigating the demands of a busy lifestyle. Protein bars are a convenient way to ensure you’re able to hit your protein intake and contain less sugar than regular chocolate bars.

Whether you're hustling between meetings or squeezing in a quick workout, protein bars can help you hit your fitness goals.

We stock a range of protein bars to suit your needs. From indulgent high-protein treats to healthy snacks on the go - our range of protein bars won’t disappoint. 

Can you eat protein bars instead of a meal?

Yes - you can eat a protein bar as a meal replacement. Protein bars come in handy when you’re busy, on the move, and don’t have time to eat a regular whole-food meal. 

Protein bars should not replace every meal, but should be used as a supplement to help with your diet.

Is it OK to eat protein bars without working out?

Yes - it’s ok to eat protein bars even without working out. Protein bars are a convenient way to help you hit your protein goals for the day, whilst satisfying your sweet tooth

Remember though, protein bars, should complement, not replace, whole foods in your diet. For optimal nutrition, incorporating protein bars as part of a well-balanced and nutrient-rich eating plan ensures you receive a diverse range of essential nutrients for overall health and well-being.

What is a protein shake?

Protein shakes are drinks with high protein content, used to help supplement your diet. They are commonly made from protein powder, but can also be bought in “Ready-to-drink” bottles. Protein shakes can be derived from lactose but vegan protein shakes are also available. We have tons of protein drinks to pick from on site - to help you hit your fitness goals.

Are protein shakes actually good for you?

Yes - protein shakes can be good for you and your diet - if you follow a well-balanced diet full of whole foods that hits your calories and macronutrient goals.

If you’re following a high protein diet, and struggle to hit your protein intake from whole foods, then drinking protein shakes can be a good supplement for your diet.

Different kinds of protein shakes may contain vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that can help your health.

Is it OK to drink a protein shake daily?

Yes - drinking a protein shake every day is fine. They are a useful supplement to help you hit your protein intake. Strength athletes may actually drink multiple protein shakes per day.

As long as you use protein shakes as a supplement to help you hit your caloric and macronutrient goals, then you’ll be fine to drink a protein shake daily.

What are good protein snacks before bed?

Literally, any protein snack makes a good before-bed snack! Your choice of snack before bed should be based on what you’ve eaten the rest of the day, and what calories/protein you have left to hit your goal for the day.

As long as you pick a high-protein snack that hits your goals for the day -  it will offer a steady stream of amino acids to your repairing muscles throughout the night while you sleep.

When is the best time to consume protein shakes? 

The best time to drink a protein shake is post-workout. This will help facilitate effective muscle recovery after you have completed a workout and are looking to kickstart the recovery process.

Protein shakes can also be drunk as a meal replacement when a rapid source of high-quality protein is required. Drinking a protein shake in between meals can also help with weight management, by making you feel full and preventing snacking on “junk” food.

Can I find plant-based protein options in your high-protein snacks?

Absolutely! Snackfully is dedicated to accommodating diverse dietary preferences by providing a range of plant-based protein snacks that are vegan-friendly. 

Our plant-based protein snacks range from brownies and flapjacks to protein bars and shakes. These can help you hit your protein intake and reach your fitness goals.

What distinguishes pre-workout snacks from other high-protein options? 

Pre-workout snacks take centre stage by offering a strategic blend of protein and carbohydrates, fuelling your exercise sessions with sustained energy and stamina. Tailored to optimise performance, these snacks ensure you have the endurance necessary for a successful workout.

The unique composition of pre-workout snacks distinguishes them from other high-protein options, making them a vital component of your fitness routine for achieving peak performance and maximising the benefits of your exercise regimen.

How do post-workout snacks contribute to recovery? 

Post-workout snacks play a pivotal role in the recovery process by replenishing glycogen stores and delivering essential nutrients crucial for muscle repair and growth. Our high-protein post-workout snacks can make for a tasty treat after your exercise, whilst helping recovery and supporting overarching fitness goals. 

Whether you engage in rigorous training or more moderate exercise, incorporating our post-workout snacks ensures that your body receives the necessary elements to recover efficiently and thrive.

Do high-protein snacks help with weight management? 

Yes, high-protein snacks can help with weight management and weight loss, when part of a calorie-controlled and well-balanced diet.

Their satiating effect reduces overall calorie intake, aiding in weight loss or maintenance. By incorporating our high-protein snacks into your daily diet, you promote a sense of fullness, making it easier to make healthier food choices. 

Our range of high-protein snacks offers a delectable and nutritious way to support your weight management goals while enjoying a satisfying snacking experience.

Are your high-protein snacks keto friendly?

We offer a range of high-protein, keto-friendly snacks. Some of our snacks are not keto friendly, so be sure to check out our keto collection to ensure your snack choices will be right for you and your diet.

Are there gluten-free options in your high-protein product range? 

Yes! We proudly offer a curated selection of gluten-free high-protein snacks, ensuring that individuals with dietary restrictions can revel in delicious and nutritious options that align seamlessly with their health goals. 

Our dedication to providing a diverse range of snacks means that everyone, regardless of dietary requirements, can enjoy the delightful experience of our high-protein offerings.

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