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Wellness Wednesday | Ideas For Your Office

Wellness Wednesday | Ideas For Your Office

Originally, Wellness Wednesday was started as a hastag on social media to promote wellness & mindfulness....

Now it's turned into a global movement for self-care & applies to the workplace too.

To say that most of 2020 & 21 has been stressful for everybody is an understatement & with many of us returning to the office for the first time in over a year....

Your friends, colleagues & team will be experiencing a whole host of new feelings as we get used to it again.

Wellness Wednesday Snack Break

Therefore, the idea behind our Wellness Wednesday Office Snack Box is for you to encourage your colleagues to set-aside a short time in the mid-to-early afternoon to take a mindful snack-break & chat together; or encorage your team to take one on their own to get some personal headspace and clear their mind.

You could also suggest non-work related wellness topics or meditation during the snack break.

Not only will this help your team re-bond & relax.....this should also promote a time to regroup when a lot of your team are likely to be in an afternoon slump....with the end result being a more focussed & more productive team which smashes their way through the afternoon to-do list!

More of our favourite Wellness Wednesday Ideas

  1. Create a healthy office cookbook to share your favourite healthy recipes & inspire healthy eating
  2. Weekly Wellness Wednesday Newsletter with helpful tips on how to stay healthy at work, share successes, inspirational quotes & amusing jokes....yes jokes! Laughter helps solve many things 🤣
  3. Host an on-site yoga class
  4. Promote & reward healthy eating habits
  5. Encourage your team to move more with walking meetings and maybe even a few office stretching sessions
  6. Hold a lunch and learn....make sure you order a healthy, nutritious meal for everyone and see if you can invite an inspiring person from outside of your team to share their story with your team
  7. Offer standing desks 
  8. Visit a local farmers market for lunch
  9. Host a virtual wellness session lead by an online expert
  10. Reward your team with an on-site chair massage
  11. Hold a fitness challenge
  12. Encourage a company weight loss or as the case maybe weight gain group.
  13. Start the 4 litre water's harder than you think...but very beneficial & gets quite competitive
  14. Team nature walks to help you appreciate your local surroundings & you'll be surprised about what's actually on your doorstep
  15. Start an inter office sports league. Badminton? Footy? Tennis? Netball?
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