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The Best Movie Snacks

The Best Movie Snacks

We all love a trip to the cinema, and no visit is complete without delicious snacks and drinks. The excitement is not only the anticipation of the latest release, but the ultimate snacking experience too. 

Snackfully want to answer your snack prayers, with snack boxes as well as Pick & Mix delivered to your door. 

Here are Snackfully's recommendations for the best movie snacks...

Snack Boxes

As we’re fond of all of our suppliers we change the contents of the box on a regular basis…

Vegan Snack Box- If you’re vegan or just looking for plant-based snacks then this will be the one for you.

Gluten Free Snack Box- If you’re a coeliac or choose to live a Gluten Free Life, you will love this snack selection. 

The Start-up Snackmasters Snack Box- This snack box proudly features a lovingly curated selection of delicious snacks from some of the UK’s hottest start-up snackmasters.

Healthier Snack Box- To help you snack, just that little bit, better and discover some of the best snacks the UK has to offer which are 100 calories or less. 

Pick & Mix

Including popular brands such as ProperEat RealHippeas and more, our range of pick and mix snacks has something for everyone. We regularly update our pick and mix snacks range, so you never know what delights you’ll find next!

Here are some of our favourite treats for the cinema...

Propercorn - Flavoured Popcorn - Caramelised Biscuit

Tony's Chocolonely - Milk Crispy Wafer

Manomasa - Gourmet Tortilla Chips - White Cheddar & Jalapeno 

Flower & White - Meringue Bar - Raspberry Crumble

Doisy & Dam - Dark Chocolate Drops - D&D's

Olly's - Olives - Garlic & Basil

Candy Kittens - Gourmet Sweets Little Bags - Sour Watermelon

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