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Snack Boxes For Remote Employees

Snack Boxes For Remote Employees

The major work perk- delivered straight to your employee's door!

The working world continues to adapt following the pandemic, including the new flexible hybrid structure that many employers now offer, with many businesses even giving the option to work from home full time. Healthy snack boxes delivered have many perks including keeping your team happy, productive and feeling valued.

Workers with long hours on the computer will appreciate any care you give them, allowing them to take a break with a tasty nutritious treat.

Take a look at Snackfully’s Snack Box recommendations to send directly to your team, you can even personalise a message or add a branded touch. Plus, we plant a tree with every order!

Wellness Wednesday Snack Box

The Wellness Wednesday Snack Box includes 20 healthier, lower calorie and vegan-friendly premium snacks. The idea behind our Wellness Wednesday Office Snack Box is for you to encourage your colleagues to set aside a short time in the mid-to-early afternoon to take a mindful snack break, personal headspace and clear their minds.

Wellness Wednesday Office Snack Box

Healthier Snack Box

To help your employees snack, just that little bit better and discover some of the best snacks the UK has to offer which are 100 calories or less.

Healthier Snack Box

Vegan Snack Box

To combat the challenges of searching for new Vegan and plant-based snacks with delicious taste!
Vegan Snack Box

As we’re fond of all of our suppliers we change the contents of the box on a regular basis!

If you would like to create your own box to send to your team, check out our Pick & Mix section.

Snackfully can also create bespoke snack boxes for larger scale operations, up to 2000 boxes. For a quote please visit:

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