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Shop Small: LOVE CORN Delicious Roasted Corn

Shop Small: LOVE CORN Delicious Roasted Corn

Hello there… we’re LOVE CORN and we’re on a mission to become your new favourite snack!

Our delicious crunchy corn kernels are packed with flavour and made with love. On trend with being low sugar, gluten-free & vegan, we’re the ‘FEEL GOOD’ savoury snack.

Our ingredients are as simple as they get... crunchy corn, seasoning & sunflower oil. There’s no need to overcomplicate something so crunchin’ good!

We tick all the boxes from flavour to crunch and are perfect on-the-go, sprinkled on a salad, or paired with your favourite beverage.


LOVE CORN was founded in 2016 by family Jamie, Gavin & Missy McCloskey. Their vision was to create the next feel good savoury snack and that’s how LOVE CORN was born!

We believe in creating the most delicious crunchy snacks, doing good through business and making people smile along the way. We like to find LOVE in the little things!


We have five delicious flavours: Sea Salt, Smoked BBQ, Habanero Chilli, Salt & Vinegar and Cheese & Onion. They’re bold, unique & most definitely pack a punch on flavour. Which is why, however you’re feeling, there’s a flavour for you!

We can be crunched in many ways so here’s some of our favourite recommendations. Have a read below and find out how you’d like to crunch!


Salted Love Corn

Sea Salt sprinkled on a salad

You look like you enjoy the simple things in life so our classic Sea Salt will be the flavour for you. Perfect for sprinkling over any salad to give that extra crunch. Trust us, you won’t look back… a salad game changer!


Cheese & Onion Love Corn

Cheese & Onion with a beverage

Meet Cheese & Onion, the loveable timeless classic. The delicious combo of cheese, onion & chive is perfectly paired with a refreshing beverage of your choice. A cold beer or a smooth glass of wine compliments this cheekily strong flavour. The ultimate match!


BBQ Love Corn 

Smoked BBQ for a movie night

Howdy! Y’all ready for our Smokin’ BBQ? Well, these smokin’ hickory flavours are a crowd pleaser to crack open for a movie night. As you scroll through your film options, pour these into a bowl and try not to finish them before the movie starts!


Salt & Vinegar Love Corn

Salt & Vinegar packed in a lunchbox

Our Salt & Vinegar is the best way to zing up any lunchbox! If you’re a crisp lover, this flavour is the best alternative you’ll be able to find. It’s got the crunch, the flavour and you better pucker up, as these sure pack a punch!


Habanero Love Corn

Habanero Chilli sprinkled on a soup

Hola! We love roasting in the best Habanero spices, it gets us all hot and bothered. To match our fiery flavours, we recommend sprinkling these on top of a tomato based soup. Extra crunch and extra fiery heat.. forgive us for our spicy ways!

Love Corn Roasted Corn

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