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KIND: Are nuts good for you?

KIND: Are nuts good for you?

At KIND we are nut-obsessed!

Nuts are the first & predominant ingredient in the majority of our bars, providing 20-30g of whole nuts per 40g bar.

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Nuts are the powerhouse of nutrients:

  • high in unsaturated fat (the good kind)
  • fibre
  • a source of protein
  • rich in key vitamins & minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin E & B vitamins.

Nuts previously had a bad reputation for being high in fat. We now know this is predominantly unsaturated fat, the type of fat that has been shown to be important for lowering cholesterol & reducing risk of heart diseases.

Consumption of nuts in the UK is on the rise with increasing popularity in plant-based diets but is much lower to in comparison to other European countries.

KIND are on a mission to change that, to get people even more excited about nuts, to show they are not only delicious but also have positive implications for our health when consumed as part of a balanced diet.

Kind & Coffee

So why not try adding nuts to your meals?

Top tips to add nuts to any meal

  1. Breakfast Boost: top your porridge with almond butter or almond flakes, slather peanut butter on a slice whole grain toast, or throw a handful of cashews into your morning smoothie.
  2. Snack Time: opt for a handful of mixed nuts or you could reach for a KIND bar 😊. Each 40g bar contains a handful of nuts!
  3. Lunch Crunch: toss a handful of walnuts into a salad, try a nut-based spread on a sandwich, or choose crunchy nut croutons to add protein to vegetable soup
  4. Delicious Dinners: try cashew nuts in a stir-fry for some added texture, thicken Thai green curry with nut butter in place of coconut milk (you could even try half & half!)

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