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Best Tasting Protein Bars | FULFIL Vitamin & Protein Bars

Best Tasting Protein Bars | FULFIL Vitamin & Protein Bars

At FULFIL they know how much you want to stay healthy and being choiceful about snacking products is just one way you can do that.

There is a general misconception that ‘healthy’ or ‘healthier’ means compromising on the indulgent taste and the treat sensation we all seek from their snacks.

Until now, most protein or healthy bars were a hard ‘eat’, often dry in texture, overly-chewy and they didn’t hit that sweet spot!

Fulfil Peanut

FULFIL was created to bring together that illusive combination of healthier and tasty snacking and was instantly successful in Ireland, its home market, where it now has over 65% market share of healthy bars. There is only 1 chocolate bar line that sells more there, and that is Cadbury Dairy Milk.

The brand is now the fastest-selling, healthier single bar in UK (IRI data 52wks to 26.12.21) after only 3 years in the market.

What makes FULFIL so enticing, aside from the great taste, are the nutritional values of every bar.

They are high in protein and low in sugar content, ensuring you don’t just eat, enjoy and then crash! They even put 9 essentials vitamins in every bar – 30% of your recommended daily allowance, helping to boost immunity and increase energy levels.

FULFIL really is the bar that raises the bar!

With 15g of protein in each 40g serving, FULFIL is a tasty treat that will keep you going throughout the day.

Their low sugar count is music to the ears of those looking to control or limit their sugar intake. Unlike confectionery bars which are much higher in sugar and saturated fat, FULFIL bars contain less than 2g in each 40g bar.

With all the chocolate flavours you love, from Salted Caramel, Chocolate Brownie and Hazelnut Whip, to Peanut & Caramel and their new amazing Chocolate Caramel flavour, there are plenty to try to see which is your favourite.

This is what some of FULFIL's customers have to say about their bars....


The Salted Caramel bar is delicious, it does not have the horrible taste of powdered protein. Really enjoyable with a cup of tea, tastes like you are having a treat, while trying to reach your protein goals.’

My Favourite!

Love love love this bar! So tasty. Really filling. The perfect snack, especially on the go.’

LIFE'S WONDERFUEL: We want FULFIL bars to fuel you on all of your everyday adventures, whether it’s to get you through your work day, hiking up a mountain, doing a workout, or just as a sofa snack, we’ve got you covered.

To view our range of FULFIL Bars click the link: Buy FULFIL 40g Bars

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