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Healthier Snack Box

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Select Size: (18 - 20) Snacks

If you’re looking to maintain, or lose weight, then advice from the NHS is to:

1) Ideally have 3 regular, balanced meals per day and avoid extra snacks
2) Be active, move more & try to get your 10,000 steps in per day
3) If you really can’t avoid extra snacks then avoid higher calorie snacks above 100 calories

However, as you’re already looking at this snack box, then, avoiding snacks between meal times maybe a bit of a struggle for you (we know it is for Team Snackfully).

Therefore, to help you snack, just that little bit, better and discover some of the best snacks the UK has to offer which are 100 calories or less. We have decided to stick to the under 100 calorie rule for this box. 🥰


All of the snacks in this box are chosen firstly on taste…we wouldn’t want you eating cardboard, flavourless snacks & secondly because they all contain under 100 calories per portion.

So if you’re a bit of a snack addict and want to cut the calories then this is box for you.

There is 18 - 20 snacks in this box depending on month.

As we’re fond of all of our suppliers we change the contents of the box on a regular basis…

Meaning you don’t have to worry about looking for new snacks again!

*Images of Snacks in box is for illustration purposes & may not reflect the exact snacks in the box.

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