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The Ultimate Huel Review

The Ultimate Huel Review

Huel provides meal replacements that provide you with the vitamins and minerals that your body requires.

The brand has diversified into a large product offering including many varieties of powders, ready-to-drink bottles as well as hot and savoury meals.

All of the Huel products are extremely convenient, perfect for those always on the go, while providing all of the nutritional benefits you need.

But - is Huel worth the hype, and it's price tag?

We’re comparing Huel products across:

  • convenience
  • taste & texture
  • price
  • macros and nutrition
  • general pro's and cons

Keep reading to find out more…

Huel Ready-To-Drink

Huel ready-to-drink is a complete meal in a bottle, with no preparation, users simply shake and go.


  • Eight tasty flavours
  • Simply shake and drink, no mixing required
  • Easy to drink on the go
  • 15 months shelf life
  • Bottle is 100% recyclable, and it's made of 51% recycled plastic


  • Affordability at £3.50 per bottle
  • Can’t add any other ingredients

Huel RTD is available in eight delicious flavours including berry, cinnamon swirl, salted caramel, banana, chocolate, vanilla, iced coffee caramel and strawberries & cream, said, ‘So Huel Ready-to-drink was a convenient alternative that I could grab from the fridge straight after my workout. That’s the great thing about Huel Ready-to-drink – there’s no preparation involved, you just grab and go!

I found this Huel product did satisfy my appetite and kept me going until lunch and beyond.

I tested every flavour within their Ready-to-drink range and I was impressed with the taste. The flavours were pleasantly surprising – banana was my favourite and berry was my least favourite.

They’ve got some fun flavours such as Iced Coffee, Salted Caramel and Cinnamon Swirl, all of which tasted delicious.

The texture of the shake was smooth and it didn’t taste like some protein shakes that can have an artificial flavour. It tastes clean, which I liked.’

Huel Ready-To-Drink has a balanced macro split of 35:20:42:3 (carbohydrate, protein, fat, fibre) and provides 400kcal per bottle. The meal replacement contains all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, protein essential fats, carbs, fibre and phytonutrients and is naturally gluten-free.

Each bottle of Huel Ready-To-Drink costs around £3.50 however there are options of discounts if you purchase a best-seller bundle.

Huel Ready-To-Drink is super convenient, easy to grab and go whatever your lifestyle with no preparation, meaning this product is perfect for users that don’t have much time to prepare a meal but can benefit from all of the nutrients that Huel offers. It can be used as part of a weight loss diet as well which is always a bonus.

Huel Powder 3.0

Huel Powder 3.0 is the original complete meal product in powder form and is ready quickly once mixed with water in a shaker or blender.


  • 12 month shelf life
  • Low cost per portion
  • Large amount of flavours
  • Able to add more ingredients to improve taste


  • Harder to mix
  • Thick, gritty texture
  • Requires preparation
  • You may have to use a blender if you don’t like the gritty texture

Huel Powder 3.0 is available in a range of flavours including salted caramel, vanilla, chocolate, banana, berry, cinnamon swirl, coffee, mint chocolate, original and unflavoured and unsweetened. said, ‘It doesn’t get easier than a meal replacement shake. Just dump two scoops in the blender bottle and add water when you’re ready to fuel. I found having lunch already sorted came as a bit of a relief. While I missed the comfort and act of cooking my own meal, I was more productive throughout the morning because I wasn’t distracted plotting out my lunch plans.’

The powder contains a balanced macro profile of 37:30:30:3 (carbohydrates, fat, protein, fibre), as well as phytonutrients, kombucha, probiotics and 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

Huel Powder has the lowest cost per serving, at only £1.51 and also contains 400 calories. You could easily double the serving size if you're looking to use huel for weight gain.

Perfect for those on a budget, Huel Powder 3.0 allows you to meet your goals, while being convenient to use, simply mix your shake and drink.  

Huel Hot & Savoury

Huel Hot & Savoury are complete nutritionally balanced vegan meals produced with whole food ingredients such as rice, pasta, quinoa, vegetables, herbs and spices. All you need to do for a grab and go instant meal is add boiling water, let it stand for 5 minutes and its ready!

Hot & Savoury meals come in 11 flavours such as spaghetti carbonara, tomato & herb, madras, korma, thai green curry, mac & cheeze, pasta Bolognese, chick’n & mushroom pasta, cajun pasta, sweet & sour and Mexican chilli.

On Danglish Reviews, Simon said, ‘The first thing that I absolutely love about this instant meal is its taste, which is so good. Moreover, it is so filling. The first time I had it, I made too much thinking that it wouldn’t fill up my tummy quickly, but I was wrong. It is quite nutritious, tasty and even one serving is plenty. But, I like to add a little salt to it to make it perfect for my palate.’ 

An average serving of Huel Hot & Savoury contains a balanced macro split of 38:25:30:7 (carbohydrates, fats, protein, fibre) as well as 26 essential vitamins and minerals from £2.66 per meal.

Huel Hot & Savoury meals are perfect for users that are stuck on time but like to feel like they are eating a meal, easy to grab and go on workdays without having to shop and cook.

The Winner Is…

Depending on your goals, there is a Huel product for you!

With every variation of Huel convenience is key, and no meal replacement or hot & savoury meal will take longer than 5 minutes to prepare, meaning you get more of your valuable time to yourself.

Your decision will be impacted depending on whether you are comfortable with the liquid consistency of meal replacements or would prefer to feel like you are eating a meal. As well as the cost of the products, your job and goals.

If your job means that you are always on the go and you have a busy lifestyle, Huel Ready-To-Drink would be your savour. However if you work from home or in an office and you have a little more time to prepare, Huel hot & savoury meals or powder would be great options.

Huel Powder is the most affordable option, making it easy to add to your diet. Before making your mind up, you might want to check out these Huel side effects. And if you're wondering if you can drink Huel when pregnant, we've covered that in an article too.

If we had to choose one product it would be Huel ready-to-drink. Although this carries a higher price tag, we would pay more for the extra convenience, super smooth taste, range of flavours, and ready-to-drink bottle.

The range of benefits ensure you wouldn’t regret your purchase.

Shop Huel Ready-To-Drink.

Looking for something similar? Why not try yfoodyfood is an alternative nutritionally complete meal replacement containing a balanced ratio of protein, fibre, fats and at least 25 vitamins and minerals, as specified by the German Nutrition Society (DGE) for a complete diet. 

You can also try the yfood mixed taster bundle so you can try one of each flavour before committing to a whole case. 

Shop yfood

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