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Using Huel For Weight Loss - Everything You Need To Know

Using Huel For Weight Loss - Everything You Need To Know

There are no quick fixes for fat loss. With so many different diets, shakes and supplements out there, it's easy to jump from fad to fad… and get nowhere.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Couple a minefield of misinformation, with a busy lifestyle. You have the perfect combination for giving up on your fat loss goals completely.

But fat loss can be easy. When you know what to do.

Every now and then, a product launches that is a genuine help when it comes to losing fat.

In this article, we’re looking at how Huel ready-to-drink shakes can help those with a busy lifestyle lose weight. Drinking these shakes alone won’t magically make you lose weight.

But, by establishing a simple fat loss process (which we’ll share with you below), and incorporating Huel into your diet, will set you up for success.

If you want to make losing fat simple, no matter your schedule, read on.

How Do I Lose Fat?

To burn or lose fat, you need to consume less calories than your body uses. This is called a calorie deficit.

Calories are used by your body for energy. When you consume less calories than you use, you begin to lose fat.

Let's say Jane needs 2000 calories to sustain her body weight, based on her current lifestyle. Jane works in an office job, doesn’t exercise, but does walk the dog for half an hour every morning. 

For Jane to lose weight, she needs to be in a calorie deficit. She needs to burn off more calories than she consumes.

To create a deficit, Jane can lower her calorie intake by reducing her portion sizes, or cutting out certain foods from her diet.

Jane could also create a calorie deficit by keeping her calorie consumption the same, but increasing her energy expenditure. She could could this by upping her 30 minute walks to 45 minutes, or by exercising in a gym.

It’s important to know how many calories you need to sustain your current body weight, so you can make the necessary adjustments.

We have a guide on how to calculate your calorie needs which is dead quick and easy to follow.

How Do I Count Calories?

Once you know how many calories you need you then need to start eating that many a day.

Whilst it’s not essential, we find that calorie counting can help you be more mindful of what you’re eating, and keep you accountable. The NHS has some useful information here.

Over time, when you are experienced with portion sizes and nutritional information of food, you might ‘wing it’ a little bit more and still see success. 

An easy way to count calories is using an app such as My Fitness Pal. This allows you to scan food products, to track the nutritional information and calories.

There are a bunch of calorie count apps available, so choose which works best for you.

You might not even want to use an app, the notes app on your phone or a pen and paper can get the job done too!

What Is Huel?

Huel provides a variety of ready-to-eat meal replacements and snacks that provide you with the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

The idea behind the ready-to-drink Huel is that it can fulfil all of the body’s nutritional needs if you were to switch to a diet exclusively based on the drink product.

All Huel products are nutritionally balanced and rich in plant-based protein, fibre, and healthy fats. They’re also vegan and free of lactose, soy, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Key ingredients in the drink include powdered oats, sunflower, flaxseed, coconut, rice and dietary supplements of vitamins and minerals. Amino acids are also naturally derived from the ingredients.

Is Huel Good For Weight Loss?

Huel isn’t a magical weight loss potion. But, when used as part of a calorie controlled diet, Huel can be a very effective aid for losing weight.

Most Huel meal replacements contain 20-30 grams of protein per serving, along with a balanced macro and micro nutrient profile. 

Swapping a more calorie dense, less satiating snack for a Huel meal replacement can help you feel fuller for longer, with less calories being consumed.

By satisfying your appetite, Huel can also prevent further snacking on ‘empty calories’ that could cause you to enter a calorie surplus.

How Many Meals A Day Could You Substitute For Huel?

This depends on the individual, their lifestyle, access to nutritional foods, their eating habits and their goals for using a meal replacement.

With a 400 calorie serving in each meal, Huel is advised to be used for up to one or two meals a day, as part of a healthy balanced diet.

How To Start Adding Huel Into Your Diet

Rather than relying on Huel for all of your meals, consider using it alongside a healthy, well-rounded diet.

You could keep some of the ready-to-drink meals on hand for days when you’re running low on time as a healthy alternative to fast food.

Try keeping a Huel ready-to-drink shake in your car, desk or bag, so when you’re rushed for time, you have something to help you feel full, and not reach for a higher calorie snack.

We’d recommend the rest of your diet should preferably consist of balanced meals that are rich in nutrient-dense whole foods, such as fruits, veggies, whole grains, and healthy fats.

Using Huel just a few times per week to meet your nutritional needs can help you build healthy habits to support your long-term health. It may also increase the likelihood of maintaining weight loss over time, especially once you decide to discontinue the products.

The Benefits Of Using Huel As A Meal Replacement Option

Huel ready-to-drink shakes help you save time and money on meal prep. Huel is Vegan, Gluten Free and environmentally friendly. 

It includes high protein, fibre and low sugar and promotes simplified weight loss. 

Using Huel makes calorie counting extremely easy, and allows you to grab a nutrition meal on the go. 

Simple food preparation and a sustainable caloric deficit are two of the key ingredients for successful weight loss.

Huel ready-to-drink is also available in plenty of flavour options including chocolate, banana, vanilla, berry, salted caramel, strawberries and cream, iced coffee caramel and cinnamon swirl.

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