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Are Rice Krispie Squares Bars Before Gym a Good Pre-Workout Snack?

Are Rice Krispie Squares Bars Before Gym a Good Pre-Workout Snack?

We all know that the best place for fitness advice is TikTok… right?

There is some mixed information on there to say the least. However, Rice Krispie Squares Bars (or Rice Krispie Treats as our American friends like to call them) are taking “FitTok” by storm recently.

Influencers are suggesting having Rice Krispies squares bar before your gym workouts.

But why? And should you be adding squares bars to your pre-workout stack?

Let’s dig in.

Why Have Rice Krispies Squares Bars Before the Gym?

One 22g Rice Krispies Squares Bar contains 90 calories, 2g carbohydrates, 17g fat and less than 1g protein.

Rice Krispie Treats are a source of simple carbohydrates, which means that they are digested easily and quickly so you can start to use them immediately.  Simple carbs are usually a good choice before a workout for a number of reasons:

  • Quick digesting
  • Convenient
  • Helps get a better pump

Rice Krispie treats have increased in popularity on ‘FitTok’ with claims to improve workouts by increasing energy and performance. The branded ‘fitness hack’ has been trialled by gym lovers and bodybuilders.

Do Rice Krispies Treats Make a Good Pre-workout Snack?

Rice Krispies treats can be a great choice of pre-workout snack because they are easy to digest and contain fast-acting carbohydrates, which deliver quick energy and make for a great pre-workout snack to get a killer pump.

Sports dietitian, Hillary Ake through Medical News Today stated that the snacks are “a quick carbohydrate, taste good, and are easy to consume.” 

They are convenient and reasonably priced, making it possible to pack them in advance without worrying about spoilage.

Rice Krispies treats are also easy to chew and make a great snack because they are calorie-dense. “A lot of athletes can eat them in two or three bites, so they are quick to eat during a break and may be faster than a banana,” says Ake.

Discover some of the best pre-workout snack for muscle gain here.

The Benefits of Using Squares Bars as a Pre-workout Snack

Simple Carbohydrates

Rice Krispies treats are made with simple carbohydrates. Ake explains to Medical News Today how the two types of carbs, simple and complex, affect your body differently. “There are quick and longer-lasting carbs- quick carbs are simple sugars that are easily and quickly digested, so we can start using them for energy right away.”

Before an intense workout, simple carbohydrates may be better than complex carbs because they are easily accessible and fast-acting fuel for muscles.

The type and duration of a workout can affect your body's need for carbohydrates. In endurance sports like running or cycling, it is especially important to consume carbs before, during, and after a session in order to maintain high levels of performance.

Easy to Digest

Rice Krispies treats are easy to digest, making them an ideal snack for before or during a workout.

Carbs mixed with fat and protein slow digestion, which can increase the feeling of fullness. This prevents blood-sugar spikes caused by carbohydrate-only meals.

However, for most people it is best to eat a snack that digests easily before working out. This may be particularly important for high-intensity activities such as running or cycling, which can cause stomach aches if performed on an empty stomach. 

For these reasons, it makes Krispie Squares one of the best pre-workout bars for athletes and high intensity workouts.

Convenient & Quick

Rice Krispie squares treats are easy to grab on the go and can be consumed in 2 bites, before or even during a workout.

The square bars are not only easy to eat, but easy to digest and use as energy immediately.

Consider your Workout Type

Rice Krispies treats can be a good snack for people who engage in moderate to high intensity workouts.

Examples include:

-Weight training
-Football game
-HIT class

However, this does not mean they are the right choice for everyone. Lower-intensity activities such as walking or yoga don't require a lot of easily accessible glycogen in order to function properly and would therefore be okay without a high carb pre-workout snack.

Most people can get enough energy from regular meals to do low-intensity workouts.

When to Eat Rice Krispies Squares Bars Before Gym?

If you do high-intensity cardio or strength training, it's best to eat a Rice Krispies Treat two hours before your workout.

If your workout lasts less than an hour, you may not need to eat beforehand. Pre-workout snacks are best for people who are doing long and high intensity workouts, so if that's what you're doing, make sure to have 30–60 grams of carbohydrates for every hour of exercise.

Are Rice Krispies Treats Healthy?

Rice Krispie treats are best to be consumed alongside a balanced diet, no matter what your goals are.


  • Quick release energy source
  • Convenient to eat on the go
  • Easy to store and pop into your gym bag


  • Blood sugar spike
  • Contains milk and soy, two common allergies
  • Little nutritional value

Does the High Sugar Content Really Matter?

Rice Krispies Treats, contains added sugar derived from corn, high-fructose corn syrup. Eating too much added sugar can lead to health problems like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

If you're going to eat a Rice Krispie Treat as your pre-workout snack, Yahoo Life suggests that you keep in mind that less than 10% of your daily calories should be added sugar. 

For example: If you need 2,000 calories every day (let's say), then no more than 200 or 20g should come from added sugars.

Snacks with high sugar content can also cause sudden hunger due to the rollercoaster of sugar levels.

A snack that is rich in refined carbohydrates or sugars can cause a spike in blood sugar (glucose), followed by a rapid drop due to the natural production and role of insulin. This drop, which stimulates hunger hormones, may make you feel hungry again shortly after eating.

Alternative Pre-workout Snacks

If you don't want to eat Rice Krispies Treats before your workout, there are other foods that will provide similar benefits, and be less likely to cause a blood-sugar spike.

Healthy carbohydrates provide the energy necessary for maximising workouts. They digest easily, so you can avoid feeling tired during your workout. From protein bars to fruit as a pre-workout snack, here are some of our top recommendations:

Our Best Pre-Workout Snack Picks

Depending on your goals, we have recommendations for pre-workout snacks for muscle gain or low calorie pre-workout snacks

If convenience is important to you to fit in with your lifestyle, protein bars are great to grab on the go, with no preparation required. We've covered when you should eat protein bars here. These are a great pre-workout option and will give you high protein content with no added sugar. We would recommend the Barebells range, available in 11 delicious flavours.

For an extra energy boost, we would also recommend pre-workout drinks such as NOCCO or C4 to get you through your workout. 

Whichever pre-workout snacks or drinks you choose, ensure that it includes the key macros to keep you fuelled for your gym session. Remember to keep in mind the carb and protein content to help you reach your fitness goals.

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