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Get A MYOM Oat Drink Free With Your Order In The Month Of May

Free sample in every Office Snack Box and orders over £30 while stocks last!

MYOM Oat Drink

Make your own Oat Milk in seconds with MYOM Original Oat Drink Blend, simply add water.

Snackfully have chosen to include MYOM as the pouches reduce waste, packaging and environmental footprint as well as saving space in your home or office.

MYOM original oat is low in sugar, high in calcium, and a source of Vitamin D3 and B12 and iodine.

For delicious and ready to drink oat milk simply:

1. Squeeze a pouch into a bottle
2. Add water
3. Give it a shake
4. Enjoy!

Great Taste

83% of oat milk drinkers recommend MYOM after trying it.

Long Shelf-Life

You only need to keep MYOM in the fridge after you have made it up.


More calcium than dairy milk. Fortified vegan-friendly vitamin D3, vitamin B12, and iodine.

Shake To Make

Easy to make up – just squeeze MYOM into a 500 ml bottle. Top up with water and shake.


Key Benefits

Planet-friendly: MYOM boasts an impressive environmental profile, cutting down on transport costs, emissions, and saving water. 

Nutrient-packed: Fortified with calcium, vegan-friendly vitamin D3, vitamin B12, iodine, MYOM ensures you’re not missing out. 

No added sugars: Rest-assured, we never add sugar to MYOM. We keep things sweet, but naturally so. You will see some sugar on our nutritional information, this is only ever naturally occurring sugar from the oats. In fact, you’ll see our level (1.9g per 100ml of made-up MYOM) is lower than other leading oat milk brands and semi-skimmed cow’s milk.

Iodine-fortified: we haven’t forgotten about iodine, a crucial mineral often overlooked in plant-based milks. 

Free-from dairy and lactose free

Versatile: not only is MYOM versatile in its uses – from flat whites, to pancakes. It’s also compact, and doesn’t need to be refrigerated until it’s made-up, so it’s easy to pop into your bag, store in cupboards, travel with and keep in your office drawer.

Why Choose MYOM?

Milk for humankind. An oat milk that cares about you, and the planet.

The conscious consumer: 
if you care about sustainability and the planet, MYOM is the option for you. 

The lifestyle shifter: whether your vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, or simply cutting down on dairy, MYOM fits effortlessly into your lifestyle. 

The culinary creator: from baking to cooking, MYOM is a versatile choice for all your kitchen creations. 

The life juggler: whether you’re busy juggling work, travel, or children, MYOM fits into your fast-paced lifestyle and given its compact design can always be on hand.

Suggested Use

To make up your MYOM oat milk, add 240ml into a clean 500ml bottle. Squeeze in the MYOM Oat Blend and shake well for 30 seconds. Top up with a further 200ml of water and shake again. If you want to use a blender, add the MYOM oat blend to 440ml water and blend for 30 seconds before pouring into a clean bottle.

Whether it’s your bowl of cereal, morning porridge, stack of pancakes, enjoying your flat white, or getting serious in the kitchen; MYOM will fit perfectly into your daily routine. It’s great for cooking, baking, cups of tea, smoothies, protein shakes, hot and cold drinks.