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10 Best Healthier Snacks To Eat At Work

10 Best Healthier Snacks To Eat At Work

Now that things are starting to return to normal…many of us will be back in the office on a regular basis.

This means we’ll all have to get back in the habit of planning what we’re going to eat on a daily basis & for self-proclaimed snack addicts the most important question to answer is:

What healthier snacks should I fill my office snack drawer with?

So…drum roll please! Here is the list of snacks you’ve all been waiting for….

All of the snacks have been chosen, firstly because they taste amazing & secondly, not that this criterion plays second fiddle by any means, because they are healthier options to help you overcome your cravings at work!

1. ILove Snacks Dried Mango


Perfect for when you’re on the go, working/studying from home, the office, pre/post workout, relaxing with a coffee or adding to your favourite dish to bring that tropical vibe – enjoy!

The award winning hand-picked and hand-sliced, natural, no added sugar mango is responsibly sourced from farms in Thailand and is a must have!

At just only 85 calories per pack these pouches of deliciousness are packed with vitamins and minerals. 100% natural with nothing artificial added whatsoever, pure mango! Vegan and gluten free. What’s not to love!

2. Flower & White Raspberry Crumble Bar

Meringue Bar

Raspberry Crumble Meringue Bar covered in white chocolate with a melting meringue middle. At 95 Calories per bar, it's a punnet of pleasure you can pick up any time!

Natural Flavours and Colours. No additives. No nasties

100% paper recyclable packaging - FSC accredited - Plastic Free - just pop in with your normal paper recycling.

Suitable for Vegetarians & Gluten free.

3. Hippeas Salt & Vinegar Chickpea Puffs

Hippeas Chickpea Puffs

Salt brings the zing. Vinegar brings the tang. Put them both together and you’ve got the puff ying & yang.

Each single serve pack of HIPPEAS chickpea puffs contains on average 3g of fibre & 4g of protein. They’re also baked rather than fried…meaning less fat that traditional crisps + less than 91 calories per pack.

Suitable for people living a vegan & gluten free diet.

4. Creative Nature Bursting Berry Fruitie Oat Bar

Fruitie Oat Bar

Natural Snack Bars That are Vegan Friendly & Gluten Free

Eating healthy has never tasted better! Creative Nature’s gluten, dairy and nut free natural snack bars allow for super quick and hassle-free snacking on the go!

Try the natural snack bars as a quick pre – workout, afternoon pick me up or the perfect smoothie bowl topper.

5. Itsu Sea Salt Seaweed Thins

Seaweed Thins

Seaweed thins are a butterfly light snack: high in vitamin B12 and iodine, suitable for vegans. Seasoned with touch of sea salt and baked twice so they are perfectly crispy.

The seaweed is harvested from the crystal-clear waters off the coast of South Korea where it’s pressed wafer thin & then toasted [not deep fried].
Nutritionists revere the health benefits of seaweed as it contains iodine & vitamin B12.

Itsu have actually created 4 flavours, all under 25 calories per pack.

6. Brave Paprika & Chilli Roasted Peas

Roasted peas

Spice up your life!

A fiery combo of Paprika & Chilli brings the heat to the best of British-grown peas. Not too much, not too little. Just right.

Brave’s two-time award-winning flavour brings a perfect balance of heat, spice and crunch that will be sure to blow your taste buds away.

✓ 7g Plant protein
✓ 7g Gut-friendly fibre
✓ Grown in the UK

7. Trek Power Millionaire Shortbread

Trek Power Bar

Nature’s way is the best way, is what they say at TREK. Additives and preservatives are unnecessary substances that they take good care to not include in their tasty bars. Instead, they find that plant based power nourishes you with all the nutrients and energy you need to get you through the day, without having to compromise on flavour, because nature is sweet enough!

It’s normal to get a little craving during the day for a chocolatey treat, but who says that chocolate should be unhealthy? In Trek’s new Millionaire Inspired POWER bar, they’ve specifically selected the perfect plant based ingredients to deliver energy whilst avoiding any artificial nasties’. Trek has done this by creating a natural alternative to chocolate whilst adding in a smooth vegan layer of caramel to their crunchy bar.

Full of 15g of vegan protein, the Millionaire Inspired POWER bars are the perfect snack to indulge on when you need a boost of energy, helping to fuel you whenever you need!

Wheat and gluten free
100% plant based ingredients
15g protein
Naturally vegan
Transfats free
GM free

8. Graze Chilli & Lime Punchy Nuts

 Graze box

This little snack packs quite a punch, seasoned with lime and chilli for intense flavour and combined with our favourite nuts for all kinds of health benefits.

What are the benefits?
Punchy chilli & lime nutty protein power is a source of plant protein* which contributes to the growth of muscle mass and is high in fibre. Add Vitamin E and essential minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, copper and manganese and you've got a snack that helps protects cells from oxidative stress and helps energy yielding metabolism.

great with...
We reckon punchy chilli & lime beats crisps every day of the week, and makes a perfect crunchy snack to have with your lunch, sprinkled on salads, or to keep in your bag for a pre- or post-workout chomp.

Source of protein
High in fibre
High in vitamin E and copper
Source of magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and maganese
Suitable for vegans
No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

*Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass. Enjoy this product as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

9. Love Corn Cheese & Onion Roasted Corn

Love Corn

Delicious Savoury, crunchy corn kernels packed with flavour.

Plant based, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non GMO Project Verified, Kosher.

Great to tuck in your lunch box, after sports or as a treat between meals.

Salad Toppers you ask??? Sprinkle on salads, soups or add to cheese board as they are perfectly paired with a team beer or glass of wine.

10. Fulfil Salted Caramel Protein Bar

Protein Bar

Delicious and nutritious, contain an indulgent milk chocolate coating surrounding a soft, silky salted caramel centre topped with a layer of crispy pieces.

High protein and low sugar snack size bars, each 40g bar contains 15g of protein and less than 2g of sugar.

Each bar contains 30 Percent RDA for 9 essential vitamins to support you through everyday life.

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