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5 Best Vegan Snacks for Veganuary 2022

5 Best Vegan Snacks for Veganuary 2022

1. Properchips BBQ Lentil Chips

These delicious little vegan friendly triangles of joy are consistently one of the best selling vegan snacks on Snackfully & have been since we launched.

So what are they: Vegan BBQ Lentil Chips

Calories per pack: Only 94 calories per 20g pack

2. Flower & White Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Vegan Meringue Bar

The World's first ever vegan meringue bar (you heard right!).

So what are they: This is a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Vegan Friendly Meringue Bar smothered in an epic creamy, dairy free chocolate with a melt in the mouth egg-free meringue middle.

Calories per bar: Only 84 calories per 20g bar

3. Boundless Chipotle & Lime Activated Sorghum Chips

Snacking Just Gut Good...and the perfect snack for veganuary.

So what are they: Spicy Chipotle meets zesty lime in a sweet & smoky fusion. Pure Mexican magic. Boundless drench their ancient supergrain Sorghum in saltwater, kickstarting Mother Nature's germination process. A good soak removes the bitter phytic acid and protective enzymes, leaving us with the good stuff. Boundless then work their magic and turn this activated supergrain into a light and crispy vegan & gluten free chip.

Calories per serving: Only 99 calories per 23g serving

4. Native Pr*wn Crackers Original

Back with another World 1st with the recent launch of the Native Vegan Prawn Cracker.

So what are they: A light and crunchy snack that is a tasty like for like vegan alternative to the much loved classic snack. Perfect to nibble or crunch, at dinner or lunch. Team Snackfully couldn’t believe that no prawns were harmed in the making of these dangerously addictive Veganuary winners.

Calories per serving: Only 93 calories per 20g serving

5. Love Raw Vegan Cre&m Filled Wafer

The Cre&m Wafer Bar is a game changer! So good you won't believe it's vegan!!

So what are they: Forget what you knew about vegan chocolate, the Cre&m wafer bars show two fingers to the competition. These bad boys are crispy wafer loaded with a layer of fluffy vegan hazelnut cream and topped off with a coating of LoveRaw's iconic vegan chocolate.

Calories per bar: 118 calories

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