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Recipe | Step by Step Guide To The Ultimate Guac by EMILY

Recipe | Step by Step Guide To The Ultimate Guac by EMILY

Take your dipping to the next level…EMILY style. We take our avos seriously.

Fancy yourself as the hostess with the mostess? Us too.....

Serve this fresh, zingy recipe alongside EMILY Real Veg Thins. The dream pairing.

Step 1

Start by selecting perfectly ripe avocados. Remove the cap (where the avocado would have been attached to the tree) – if it’s green or yellow, your avocado is ripe and ready.

Step 2




Mash the avocados until chunky but not smooth, leaving delectable pieces of avocado to scoop up with your EMILY Veg Thins.

Step 3




Turn up the heat by adding red onion, cherry tomatoes, garlic and fresh chilli for an extra kick of spicy sassiness.

Step 4




Season to perfection with a pinch of salt, a scatter of cracked black pepper and a twist of lime.

Step 5

Now Dip



Dip your EMILY Veg Thins into guac and crunch away. Ooh so fancy. 

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