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Barebells | Irresistible Protein Bars & Milkshakes

Barebells | Irresistible Protein Bars & Milkshakes

Too deliciously indulgent to refuse!

In 2016, Swedish-developed Barebells was born to wow taste buds around the world with a variety of protein-enriched alternatives to traditional on-the-go snacks.

Barebells Salty Peanut

At Barebells, we passionately believe in happy eating and healthy living.

We asked ourselves:

“Why can’t protein bars and milkshakes taste better and be more appealing?”

That led us to create Barebells – the perfect snack that doesn’t compromise on taste or texture. Our range of products consists of protein bars (including two of which are vegan) and lactose free protein milkshakes.

Functional foods have increasingly become more popular, and we’ve worked hard to distinguish our point of difference.

A key focus for us has always been taste and our current portfolio was made to combine the nutrition and healthier profile that’s now expected, but in a brand that people love and with products that tastes much more indulgent than their nutritional info suggests.

We’re here to keep the sugar consumption low and the nutrition high.

Barebells Shakes

We’re very keen to challenge the perception that functional foods are just for the elite or people who dedicate their life to fitness. We want people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to feel comfortable engaging with our products, not just those who go to the gym.

Tastes like heaven

To fully embrace our ethos of ‘no compromise on taste’, we simply will not release a product if it doesn’t taste great.

With our newest addition to the range, the White Salty Peanut bar, we really feel we have created something special.

This show-stopping new bar is sure to take your taste buds to Cloud 9 with its creamy white chocolate, golden salty peanuts, and a layer of caramel.

The inspiration for this bar came from one of our current best-sellers, Salty Peanut. Adding the coating of white chocolate just takes the sweet and salty flavour profile to a whole new indulgent level.

At Barebells, we believe that healthy eating should be enjoyable, not a punishment!

Barebells White Choc Salty Peanut

Fancy getting your hands on some Barebells?

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