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5 Best Non-Alcoholic Adult Soft Drinks

5 Best Non-Alcoholic Adult Soft Drinks

1. Nix & Kix Raspberry & Rhubarb

Just launched…. This lightly sparkling drink of fruity raspberry paired with tangy rhubarb, a zing of cayenne and other fruit juices.

So, what is it: Natural, low calorie, sugar free vegan adult soft drink with a Cayenne kick. Ideal for non-alcoholic cocktails / mocktails or on its own as an afterwork pick me up.

Calories: Only 48 calories per 250ml can

2. LoBros Kombucha Ginger & Lemon

A living non-alcoholic gut healthy kombucha.

So, what is it: Kombucha handcrafted the old-fashioned way using a mother culture known as SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria & Yeast), which is added to the brew of organic oolong and green tea along with organic sugar to kick start the fermentation process.

Calories: Only 15 calories per 250ml can

3. Savyll Alcohol Free Mojito

Perfect to help out on an evening when Dry January is starting to make you feel a little loco!

So, what is it: It’s a pre-mixed non-alcoholic cocktail. Fresh mint, sharp lime juice, and sweet rum essence evoke fond memories of sun-soaked shores of secluded Caribbean beaches.

Calories: Only 65 calories per 250ml can

4. Smashed Alcohol-Free Apple Cider

You can have a good time without drinking. But normally you’re stuck with a choice of sour and fizzy. Or sweet... and fizzy.

So, what is it: Sick of the sight of all those pretend drinks, Drynks Unlimited summoned the best brewing brains and young white-coated wonders and issued them with a challenge: Give us a glass of something that feels like, smells like and tastes like the stuff we prefer. But knock the alcohol on the head…. the outcome was The Smashed Alcohol-Free range of cider, pale ale & lager.

Calories per serving: Only 84 calories per 330ml can

5. DASH Water Raspberry

Water…. Bubbles…. Wonky Fruit! That’s it 😉

So, what is it: British Sparkling water infused with wonky unwanted Raspberries giving a subtle dash of flavour. No added sugar or sweeteners.

Calories: Go to your happy place as DASH has 0 calories per 330ml can

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