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Are you bored of protein bars? Ever catch yourself craving a savoury protein hit post-workout? Or maybe you’re just a HUGE fan of crisps and wish you could get your protein intake from a bag of Wotsits...

Good news: The Curators Veggie Puffs are here. Packed with 10g protein in each bag, in a 30g serving size that doesn’t ‘take the pea’, these smashing new plant-based crisps deliver on taste and texture along with the macros to rival any sports nutrition brand.

“OMG this tastes like a high protein Wotsit!” - 5* Amazon Review

“Healthy version of a supermarket staple” - Anna, Instagram

“This is just like a mix between a Quaver and a Wheat Crunchie -unbelievable” - a guy that just loves his crisps

Available in two bold, tasty staple flavours - Cheese and BBQ - Veggie

Puffs are the perfect healthy snack for before, during AND after your workout, as well as for filling you up on the go, or just for when you’re craving a bag of crisps but want something better. With 1⁄2 the fat and carbs of standard crisp favourites like Kettle Chips and Monster Munch, Veggie Puffs are a no-brainer, delivering on crunch, flavour and macros.

You can try The Curators Veggie Puffs on our website today as part of the Gym Lovers High Protein Savoury Snack Bundle! The perfect savoury swap for when you’re bored of protein bars and shakes - Veggie Puffs provide CRUNCH WITH A PUNCH.

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