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The GUTsy Captain - Kombucha - Original (12x250ml)

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Kombucha is an ancient drink known in China as "the immortal health elixir". Made with 100% natural ingredients, we only include the freshest, most healthy and delicious flavours: from tropical Pineapple to spicy Cayenne pepper. We proudly follow the original Chinese recipe: we only use high quality, natural ingredients, green tea fermented with organic raw cane sugar and our own culture of live bacteria and yeast. That's how we get authentic, 100% kombucha, with a great taste. Pure and yet delicious. Ancient and yet unique. Bubbly and yet fresh tasting. The best choice of drink to help you become the captain of a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.


Water filtered by reverse osmosis, organic cane sugar (transformed during fermentation), kombucha cultures, organic stevia tea extract (water, organic stevia leaves), organic green tea, organic tea extract, 'Bacillus coagulans'.



Suitable for Vegans
Suitable for Vegetarians
Suitable for a Halal diet
Suitable for a Kosher diet
Gluten FreeYes
Contains CrustaceansNo
Contains Eggs or Egg ProductsNo
Contains Nuts or DerivativesNo
Contains Cereals containg GlutenNo
Contains Peanuts, Peanut Oil or DerivativesNo
Contains Fish, Moluscs or DerivativesNo
Contains Sesame or DerivativesNo
Contains SoyaNo
Contains Milk, Milk Products or LactoseNo
Contains Sulpher Dioxide & SulphitesNo
Contains MustardNo


Nutritional InfoPer 100g/mlPer Pack
Energy KJ
Energy kcal1845
Fat (g)00
of which Saturate (g)00
Carbohydrate (g)4.411
of which Sugars (g)4.411
Protein (g)00
Fibre (g)00
Salt (g)00