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Welcome To Snackfully

Welcome To Snackfully

We would love to offer you a FREE Wellness Wednesday Snack Box which includes:

  • 20 Healthier Premium Snacks
  • Brands carefully selected from the best UK start-up producers
  • Lower Calorie Options
  • Vegan-Friendly Options
  • Gluten Options
  • Kosher Options
  • Nut Free Options

The idea behind our Wellness Wednesday Office Snack Box is for you to encourage your colleagues to set aside a short time in the mid-to-early afternoon to take a mindful snack-break & chat together; or take one on their own to get some personal headspace and clear their mind.

Not only will this help your team re-bond & relax... this should also promote a time to regroup when a lot of your team is likely to be in an afternoon slump... with the end result being a more focused & productive team that smashes their way through the afternoon to-do list!

Simply fill in the contact form below to have your free box delivered directly to your office door!

To see our full Office Snack & Drink offering, click here.

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