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Recipe | Chocolate & Coconut Porridge by Ape

Recipe | Chocolate & Coconut Porridge by Ape

Pimp up your porridge with Ape Chocolate Coconut Bites, adding an extra coconutty and chocolatey touch to your brekkie bowl.

Try out this super simple plant based, big taste recipe!


🥣 Porridge oats
🥛 Plant-based milk of your choice
🍫 Vegan Chocolate, melted
🍓 Fresh fruit
🥥 Ape Chocolate Coconut Bites


1. Heat the porridge in a pan with the milk of your choosing. It tastes great with coconut milk!
2. Melt the chocolate on a low hear in the microwave, or in a bowl above some simmering water.
3. Once the porridge is at the consistency you enjoy, stir in the chocolate.
4. Serve in a bowl and top with Chocolate Coconut Bites and fresh fruit.

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